For Him - cherylbirkhead

Here's the story on this photo: We were coming back from an AAFCS conference (Family and Consumer Science) of Martha's (2005)...weaving our way back from Minnesota through Iowa. As the sun was setting behind us, the drama was too much to bare! I asked Martha to pull over quickly so we could get that picture. My desire was to capture the sun (it was huge and orange!) as it was right behind the windmill but it was dropping faster than we could get in position. I jumped out of the car as soon as we got stopped, aimed, focused, and shot this image. I only got one shot: my CF card was full and I did not want to randomly delete any photo I had on that card. Sun more time to get that desired 'back up' photo....God blessed this image! I now use it on my 'business card'. I love it because He designed it and gave me no opportunity to choose another! Evidently He wanted the sun a little lower than my vision for the image :-) I trust His judgment.